Get to Know the Angler Behind the Rod: Discover DANI GARCIA

Explore the Waters with Dani Garcia: Crafting Memories, One Cast at a Time


Born in Catalonia and settled along the banks of one of the most iconic rivers for trout fishing in Spain. From a young age, an innate connection to water was evident, with a dedicated pursuit of fly fishing as the singular passion by the age of 16. This fervor for nature and rivers culminated in the establishment of 'Adams Fly Rods', a revered brand within the European and South American fly fishing market. Life has been dedicated entirely to fishing, crafting rods, and guiding numerous clients across rivers worldwide. Countless hours spent on the rivers, coupled with learning from premier instructors such as Fernando Mosso, have honed the ability to share acquired knowledge effortlessly. Whether you're a novice or seasoned angler, expect a bespoke service promising optimal results in terms of catches, enjoyment, and an enriching riverside ambiance.

Dani Garcia Fishing